My Books

October Nights 3

Short stories about aliens, doppelgängers, demonic revenge, and interplanetary ghost hunters. Third collection in the October Nights series.

The Vessel

Sheriff Toni Gershom confronts a murderous cult who will shed as much blood as possible to bring forth a prince of Hell.

Honeymoon Phase

On the lighter side, two romantic burnouts agree to a one-month love affair, only to learn that eternity has already joined them together.

About the Author

James B. Christensen is a novelist, screenwriter, musician, 28-year husband, and homeschooling dad to his twin daughters. His favorite books and stories are those within the speculative fiction umbrella, particularly those by Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Matheson, and Ray Bradbury, among many others. His works include “Honeymoon Phase,” a supernatural romantic comedy, “The Vessel,” an occult horror thriller, and the “October Nights” short story collections. There will be more to come. Sign up for the newsletter and don’t be a stranger.