Do you ever have that uneasy feeling that not all is as it seems? Ever been tempted to wait for the midnight fog to clear so you can see what really lies beyond what human eyes can see? If so, then James B. Christensen would like to welcome you to October Nights.

In the pages of this first annual Halloween collection, you will experience eleven tales of the strange and unexplained.

Five women awaken from suspended animation in a deserted laboratory with no memory of who they are or how they got there. An old man experiences a bodily transformation unknown to medical texts. A diver discovers the fantastic truth of how a sunken ship hovers in the deep. A post-apocalyptic society deals justice carefully—and personally. A father fails to pay adequate attention when his son plays with a clown. A mother and daughter go to extreme lengths to satisfy their patriarch’s hunger. A stranded man wanders into an isolated lakeside community at the worst possible moment. Six people take shelter from a powerful tornado, but Mother Nature is the least of their worries. A submerged village has deadly secrets to reveal. A couple enjoys the last day of unparalleled luxury before paying the dark price for their good fortune. A grandfather takes his grandson out for Halloween, and both are drawn into a battle against cosmic evil.

These are the adventures and thrills that await you. Cuddle up and get warm. Lock the doors and windows. Sit with your back to the wall, and enjoy tales that will add a chill to the October wind.

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