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In the pages of this second annual Halloween collection, you will experience ten tales of the strange and unexplained.

  • A man inherits a house in an isolated farm community where the crop is not of this Earth and is nourished by unholy means.
  • A park ranger spots a trio of UFOs and tracks them to a remote thicket of trees where she makes an astonishing discovery.
  • Earth is invaded by floating blobs that kill and destroy until The Architect figures out how to make them stop.
  • A nobleman throws a Halloween party for his knights and subjects at his castle, when a ball of ice splashes into the moat with a frozen surprise inside.
  • When the surface crust of an alien planet rotates, the south pole becomes the equator, and mountains of ice begin to melt and reveal gods long forgotten.
  • Two special government agents are sent to a secret prison to deal with a serial killer so dangerous that execution only makes things worse.
  • A small group of space refugees discover a tiny crystal floating in space that gives off a powerful signal that could summon good or evil.
  • A family suffers a home invasion by monsters, and there is only one way to defeat them.
  • A gunslinger journeys to a lost town of the Old West searching for fortune and learns the west is wilder—and more terrifying—than he thought.
  • In the future, science can let you sail into death with dignity or live forever, depending on what you believe, but you can’t do both.



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