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Do you ever have that uneasy feeling that not all is as it seems? Ever been tempted to wait for the midnight fog to clear so you can see what lies beyond human perception? If so, then James B. Christensen would like to welcome you back to October Nights. In the pages of this third annual Halloween collection, you will experience eight tales of the strange and unexplained.

  • An interplanetary ghost hunter finds more than he bargained for when he confronts an otherworldly spirit.
  • A team of explorers find a breathtaking island treasure, but the beings who guard it are beyond imagining.
  • An unfortunate man wakes up to find he has a doppleg√§nger going through his daily routine and committing murder while it does.
  • A northern sheriff discovers a small town covered in a frost that is not of this world.
  • When a young man is gifted the means of having a wonderful sensation whenever he wants it, he learns that it comes with a price.
  • While at home alone, a young girl stumbles upon an alien invasion unlike any she’s ever seen in the movies.
  • When a used shirt that once belonged to a serial killer becomes the property of a bullied young man, he is filled with power that will crush his tormentors.
  • Four teenage girls set out to enjoy Halloween night, only to be confronted by a legendary beast that guards the secrets of a small town.



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