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Colby Swanson is a 19-year-old scholarship athlete on a sure track to success, but he is discontented and longing for a purer path.

Kimberly Maris is a middle-aged wife and mother who tends to her family with selfless devotion, but worries about their recent financial troubles.

The Swanson and Maris families are friends from way back. They gather at the Swanson family vacation home along an isolated beach on the Washington coast. Everyone looks forward to a time of rest and rejuvenation.

But when an alien attack begins to decimate the world population, only Colby and Kimberly are left alive. They must work together to overcome the grief of lost loved ones and survive in a world torn apart by unbearable grief, feral humans, and bloodthirsty invaders from another world.

Now, as their fight to live sparks a deep love between them, they must take action to preserve a way of life worth living, protect each other from escalating dangers, and do their part to make a better world.



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