Here’s a rundown of my published works so far:

Honeymoon Phase. Supernatural romantic comedy about two romantic burnouts who agree to one-month love affair, figuring a built-in break-up date will make the inevitable parting less painful. But they discover there is already a connection between them.

This is more adult-oriented fare than what I’ll be doing as I go forward. It started as a film script I worked on while attending Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting Colony. I entered it into the Nicholl Fellowship script contest (run by the Oscars). It didn’t advance, but it got the attention of someone running the contest, because I received a phone call from a Hollywood producer affiliated with the former president of MGM. They agreed to look at the script. That was the last I heard from them. So it goes.

The Vessel. The sheriff of a desolate Nebraska county battles a cult that worships a fallen angel and is working to open a dimensional portal to bring the fallen one to our reality so it can bring about an apocalypse.

Another novel that started as a script and lands in R-rated territory. I had a script optioned some years ago, and the director attached to that project became a good friend of mine. When our original film didn’t pan out, we decided to collaborate on a horror film. This was the story I offered. Sadly, he passed away from leukemia before the film could become a reality.

I took a page from William Peter Blatty and tried to show a spiritual battle as the gutter brawl it really is. Had some fun with extremes. I have an idea for two more books to make it a trilogy. We’ll see.

October Nights series. These are slim volumes of short stories that I (try to) put out every Halloween. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, nostalgia, and a dash of sentimentalism. Weird Tales. Outer Limits. Twilight Zone. That kind of stuff.

October Nights. My first collection leads off with “The Cradle,” a novella about a group of women who wake up in a laboratory with no memory of who they are or how they got there. It’s obvious they’re part of an experiment.

October Nights 2. This one went to other historical settings, and leaned more toward aliens and fantasy. You might enjoy “Silver Hollow,” a story that came about when I got to wondering what it would be like if John Wayne encountered something really weird.

October Nights 3. In this collection, the story “Defenders of Earth,” came about after looking at spider webs across my back yard in the summertime and thought about how funny it would be if spiders were Earth’s only defense against alien invasion.

Seventhrone. No link, because it doesn’t exist yet. This is the work in progress. A work of fantasy situated somewhere in the nexus of John Carter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. I’ll have more to say about this as we go along.

There’s enough here to keep you busy while I get the new works completed. Dive in and get caught up. As Stephen King says, “there are always more tales.”